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August 18, 2014

Centerpoint Energy has been performing utility work (gas main relocation) along St. Anthony Parkway and surrounding roadways (Main Street, California St., Columbia Ave., 31st Ave.).  Centerpoint Energy anticipates that it will be done with the utility work along the roadways after the first week in September, and then it will continue relocation work in the railyard through the end of September.  Estimated timelines may change, but all Centerpoint Energy utility relocation work is anticipated to be done by the end of September.

Xcel Energy utility work (power line relocation) has not yet been scheduled, but may take place this year or in the Spring of 2015.



July 11, 2014

Centerpoint Energy is beginning work on replacing and relocating gas mains in and around the bridge replacement project area.  You can expect to see this gas main replacement work occurring on Columbia St, 31st Ave, California St, St. Anthony Parkway, and Main Street between now and Labor Day.  There may be temporary lane closures or detours required to complete the work--please follow the posted signs.  Additional utility relocation work will occur by Excel Energy (electrical), but the work has not yet been scheduled.



St. Anthony Parkway Bridge Reopens to Bike and Pedestrian Traffic

Posted June 9, 2014

Source: City of Minneapolis

The St. Anthony Parkway Bridge in northeast Minneapolis, which closed to all traffic last week, has now reopened to bicycles and pedestrians. Crews have redirected bicycle and pedestrian traffic down the center of the bridge where motor vehicles once traveled.

Last week’s closure came after vehicles exceeding a three-ton weight limit were spotted using the bridge. The closure still affects all motor vehicles.

The 89-year-old truss bridge carried an average of approximately 4,200 vehicles a day over two dozen tracks of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail yard. The City is now in the process of replacing the bridge, with construction expected to begin in 2015 and reopen to traffic in late 2016.



Design of the new Bridge is complete!   See the Meetings & Events page to view animations, images, and additional information presented at the public open houses.


The existing 533.6 foot, five-span, Warren through truss was built in 1925 and crosses over 24 tracks of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail yard. The structure provides one vehicular traffic lane in each direction and a sidewalk on the south side. The St. Anthony Bridge has been determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and is part of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board "Grand Rounds-National Scenic Byway." The project includes demolition of the existing bridge, construction of a new through-truss bridge, and realignment of approach roadways which includes St. Anthony Parkway, California St. NE and Main St. NE.



The primary purpose of the project is to provide a structurally-sound crossing over the BNSF rail yard for non-motorized, motorized, and rail users.   Based on the project purpose and existing conditions, the following primary project needs have been identified:

  • Provide enough bearing capacity to accommodate vehicle/travelers on the route,
  • Maintain an official truck route to meet freight traffic needs in the area, 
  • Keep a functional Metro Transit bus route, 
  • Accommodate interstate commerce and passenger rail service, and
  • Address non-motorized operational needs

Secondary considerations (wants) have also been identified as: 

  • Address rail yard safety, 
  • Consider constructability in rail yard, 
  • Consider long-term operations in the rail yard, 
  • Consider long-term maintenance issues, and
  • Address geometrics at adjacent intersections. 



  • PUBLIC MEETINGS & CAC MEETINGS - August 2013 through Spring 2014
  • DESIGN - through Spring 2014
  • CONSTRUCTION BID - Summer 2014
  • ROAD CLOSURES - Spring 2015 to Spring 2016
  • PROJECT COMPLETION - Spring 2016


5:50 a.m. update: St. Anthony Parkway bridge closed

Posted by: TIM HARLOW, Star Tribune

June 2, 2014 - 5:49 AM

This happened on Friday, but in case you missed the news, the St. Anthony Parkway Bridge in northeast Minneapolis is closed until further notice.

The City of Minneapolis had restricted traffic on the bridge to vehicles weighing three tons or less after inspections revealed deficiencies. But since vehicles weighing more than three tons continued using the bridge over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail yard, the city flat out closed the bridge to everybody. That includes trucks, buses, cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.

The 89-year-old truss bridge carries an average of around 4,200 vehicles a day. The City is now in the process of replacing the entire bridge, with construction expected to begin in 2015 and reopen to traffic in late 2016.

An 89-year-old bridge in northeast Minneapolis was unexpectedly closed Friday because city officials were concerned that too many overweight vehicles were crossing the soon-to-be-replaced span.


Weight-limit violators force abrupt closure of northeast Minneapolis bridge


May 30, 2014 - 8:48 PM

The St. Anthony Parkway Bridge is now closed to all traffic indefinitely, the city announced. That includes not only vehicles but bicycles and pedestrians.

Results of further analysis, however, could allow the span to initially reopen to pedestrians and bicycles within a few weeks, the city added.

The city is in the process of replacing the entire truss bridge, with construction expected to begin in 2015 and reopen to traffic in late 2016.


6 a.m. update: Restrictions for bicycles/peds on St. Anthony/Northtown Bridge

 Posted by: TIM HARLOW, Star Tribune 

October 2013

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and City of Minneapolis have closed the south cantilever sidewalk of the St. Anthony/Northtown Bridge to all bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

During a bridge inspection, MnDOT inspectors found significant deterioration of the bridge’s bracket connection. Pedestrian and bike traffic will be redirected to the north sidewalk until repairs are completed. A timeframe for completion is not yet available, according to  a news release from the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board.


Minneapolis: St. Anthony Parkway Bridge Meeting set for Oct. 29

Article By KERRY ASHMORE, Northeaster

October 17, 2013

After years of meetings, plans, funding, historic preservation work and various setbacks, City of Minneapolis engineers say they are ready with a solution to the problems caused by the aging St. Anthony Parkway bridge over the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad yard.

Their decision to replace the bridge, with which the project’s citizen advisory committee concurred, met with resistance from the historic preservation arm of the Federal Highway Administration, which urged them to make a greater effort to meet future transportation needs without taking out the existing bridge. Those obstacles appear to have been cleared.

The new bridge design calls for a combination approach, with the western portion having a space-frame through-truss structure similar in appearance to the existing bridge, and the eastern portion supported by piers and steel girders.

A public meeting/open house for the project is set for Tuesday, Oct. 29, 6-8 p.m. at River Village, 2919 Randolph St. NE. City officials are looking for residents’ opinions on the new design, and on other issues such as the truss color, the railing design, lighting and concrete textures.The meeting room is handicap accessible, for special arrangements contact Kristin Petersen, kpetersen@ More information is available at

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The Bridgehunters Chronicles  Blog



Badly Corroding Minneapolis Northtown Bridge Nears Replacement

Article by: STEVE BRANDT, Star Tribune

April 1, 2013

Minneapolis bridge has spanned the years from steam to diesel, but it’s off limits to heavier vehicles. It took decades of debate to decide that it’s more cost-effective to replace than fix a risky Minneapolis bridge, but before the new span is built there’s still more discussion ahead on what it should look like. (Full Article)


City Seeks Public Opinion on St. Anthony Parkway Bridge Construction

Article by: JASMYN TAYLOR,

March 27, 2013

Plans to replace the St. Anthony Parkway Bridge over the Northtown Yard in Northeast Minneapolis are moving ahead.

The city wants residents to weigh in on what the new bridge will look like. (Full Article)